DIM and hormonal balance

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Whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, better digestion, or better sleep, the tools to achieve or maintain a hormonal profile must be included in your supplement plan. Popular with both men and women, DIM (Diindolylmethane) is one of its tools. To this end, it is relevant to understand where it comes from, how it works, the interesting synergies with other supplements as well as the contexts that justify taking it orally in supplementation.

Broccoli in a capsule!

First, some vegetables from the Brassicaceae family, such as broccoli or cauliflower, contain an active ingredient, Indol-3-Carbinol (I3C). When digested, it is transformed into smaller molecules, metabolites, then used for various chemical reactions. One of these metabolites, DIM, is heavily involved in estrogen processing.


When the body decides to eliminate a so-called toxic agent, several paths are possible. For example, if the molecule that we are trying to evacuate is not water-soluble, we must first pair it with an agent that can take it to the kidneys to be evacuated in the urine.  In this case, we divide the detoxification into 2 phases: the reduction phase and the evacuation phase.

When it comes to eliminating excess estrogen, the reduction phase is supported by DIM. Studies have shown that it will cause a conversion of harmful estrogen molecules into lower level estrogenic molecules or metabolites for expulsion. Then, in phase 2, the result of this conversion is “caught” by a carrier agent, here Calcium -D-glucarate , which evacuates the toxin by facilitating its passage through the kidneys.

In short, DIM targets harmful estrogen and encourages its elimination. However, it is important to add that the structure of estrogen detected by DIM is similar to that of testosterone, another steroid hormone. Consuming DIM in large quantities could then lead to the elimination of the two hormones without distinction if they are very present in the blood.

Male vs female?

Since both sexes produce estrogen, DIM may be relevant for both. First, try to notice if any of these situations seem to apply to your current condition:

  1. chronic fatigue
  2. High fat percentage
  3. Supplementation stimulating the production of testosterone
  4. Male aged 45 and over
  5. Woman whose premenstrual syndromes are very unpleasant and felt
  6. Marked presence of inflammation/cellulitis

Depending on your condition, the supplements you are currently taking, and other individual factors, DIM could make a real difference.

A woman will typically see positive effects from DIM in the form of reduced PMS, reduced chronic inflammation, or even improved body composition. All these conditions being linked to too high a level of estrogen, detoxification will restore a healthier balance.


As mentioned in the Testosterone Boosters article , a man will see the benefits manifest in athletic performance and energy levels. Especially when the latter consumes a supplement intended to stimulate testosterone production, supplementing with DIM inhibits the conversion of this hormone into estrogen and prevents the enlargement of the prostate, associated with the conversion of testosterone into DHT.

Dosage issue:

While the recommended dose for women is around 200 mg daily, it is suggested that men limit themselves to 100 mg. The process of reducing the estrogen molecule is actually not exclusive to this hormone. Since estrogen and testosterone molecules share a common structural backbone, elimination of testosterone when present in large amounts can occur collaterally.

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