THC capsules on a budget-Finding affordable options

thc capsule

THC capsules provide a simple, precisely dosed way to consume cannabis. But quality THC pills often come with premium pricing, especially for artisanal products using top-shelf cannabis. For budget-minded shoppers, are there any affordable options for THC capsules? While cheap THC capsules exist, they usually cut corners on quality. Finding capsules that balance affordability with potency and safety requires some savvy shopping.

Look for house brands

The dispensaries now offer their own in-house THC capsule products in addition to third-party brands. These “house brand” capsules let the retailer control production costs, often resulting in savings passed down to buyers. House THC capsules utilize the dispensary’s cannabis supply from affiliated growers. By vertically integrating growth, extraction, and encapsulation, overhead costs stay low. Testing and manufacturing are handled in-house instead of through outside contractors. While labeling and packaging are generic, the quality and potency of house capsules often match third-party competitors at significant savings. Ask your budtender if any house-brand THC capsules are available.

See if capsules qualify for discounts

The thc capsules are under their discounted medical categories even for recreational buyers. Capsules are dosable, long-lasting and provide medicinal effects, so they’re logical to include. Ask staff if any capsule products qualify for medical or compassion discounts. Also, check the fine print for specials like “capsule Tuesdays” or happy hour sales if shopping during those times.

Buy direct from manufacturers

Purchasing directly from THC capsule manufacturers lets you bypass retail mark-ups. Many producers sell through their websites with volume pricing breaks.  Capsule makers also run specials like free shipping or percentages off first orders. Subscribe and save programs offer regular shipments with per-bottle savings. Just make sure the company has a legitimate license to ship to your state.

Maximize value with higher doses

When purchasing THC capsules, the total price usually depends on the number of capsules, not the amount of THC per pill. That means choosing a bottle with higher individual doses (25mg+) provides more THC for the money.  A 30-capsule bottle of 5mg THC might cost $50, or $1.67 per mg of THC. But a 30-capsule bottle of 25mg might only be $70, just $0.93 per mg. The higher dose reduces the cost per milligram substantially.

Compare value, not just price

Avoid judging THC capsules by price alone. Calculate the cost per mg of THC to properly compare value. A cheaper bottle might hold far lower doses.

Likewise, don’t assume pricier capsules are automatically better. They could contain expensive superfluous ingredients not contributing to the effects. Check lab tests for actual cannabinoid and terpene levels.

Use loyalty programs

Dispensaries often offer loyalty programs providing points, credits, or discounts for repeat customers. Making all your purchases at one shop lets you quickly accumulate rewards and unlock capsule savings. Loyalty programs effectively provide a rebate on a percentage of purchases over time. They incentivize buying consistently from the same location. Be sure to sign up for the free membership card or online account when offered.

Wait for holiday sales

Cannabis dispensaries heavily promote major holidays like 420, 710, and Black Friday with deep site-wide discounts. THC capsules get included in the sales, letting you stock up at lower prices. Even smaller occasions like Memorial Day or Labor Day often feature at least 10-20% off capsules. Following cannabis brands on social media provides early notice of upcoming sales events.

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