What are the reasons for consulting the dentist?

consulting the dentist

While an annual visit to the dentist is essential to maintain oral health , the frequency of visits may vary if you need dental care more often. For example, age, dental history, and other factors such as diet or tobacco can lead you to the dentist more often. Tooth pain can also be a reason for consultation.

Depending on your case and in general, the dentist offers different dental care such as:

  1. Scaling and polishing of teeth
  2. Caries treatment
  3. The installation of a bridge or a crown
  4. Dental whitening
  5. The placement of dental implants
  6. Scaling and polishing of teeth

Even if you brush your teeth regularly, bacteria tend to proliferate which leads to the formation of tartar between the gums and the teeth, and can cause gingivitis ( inflammation of the gums ).

Scaling is a fairly standard examination, during a consultation with the dentist, which consists of removing the tartar accumulated on the teeth using an ultrasonic instrument .  Then, the dentist moves on to polishing the teeth, which helps to clean plaque painlessly.

Caries treatment

If you maintain poor oral hygiene or consume excess sugar , certain bacteria can grow and attack tooth enamel causing cavities. This infectious disease is known to gradually degrade the tissue of the tooth and must be treated quickly to avoid having to resort to devitalization of the tooth (extraction of the dental pulp).

Ask a dentist for advice on video

Consider teleconsultation for your dentist appointments and receive an online prescription, if necessary.

The installation of a bridge or a crown

If one of your teeth is damaged and it is possible to avoid extraction, the dentist places a dental crown (prosthesis) on it to protect it from external aggression. The bridge, on the other hand, makes it possible to replace a missing tooth with an implant which rests on the adjacent teeth. Whether you need a bridge or a crown, you will have to go to the dentist several times to prepare the dental treatment first and then carry it out.

Teeth whitening

You can spontaneously ask the dentist for teeth whitening if you notice that your teeth are yellowing over time, especially if you are a smoker or drink tea and coffee regularly.  Otherwise dental bleaching can be done to overcome periodontal disease following a gum graft for example.

The dental questionnaire always precedes the different stages of a consultation with the dentist. Thus, the latter will be able to find out more about your background, offer you the treatment that suits you and create a dental chart for you to follow up.

The dentist will then proceed to:

The oral examination : to check if you do not suffer from cavities, gum problems, or if you need a scaling.

A panoramic x-ray of the teeth to visualize your teeth more clearly, and in greater depth, to check if you need specific dental care.

Once the examinations are over, the dentist is able to offer you the appropriate dental care and a personalized treatment plan with a dental quote and give you oral advice.

Why use teleconsultation with a dentist?

You can opt for a teleconsultation with a dentist in several cases.

If you are abroad for a long period or expatriate , you may find yourself in difficulty with a dentist who speaks a foreign language. In this case, you can teleconsult a dentist beforehand on the Qare site, send him a photo and describe your problem to him to obtain valuable advice.

If you have young children , knowing that the first consultation with the dentist must be done around 2 or 3 years old , you can teleconsult a dentist to obtain the first oral hygiene advice .  This can guide you about brushing your teeth, but also tell you if you should consider a consultation with the orthodontist or not.

If you have just had a dental operation (extraction of wisdom teeth, etc.) and you want to be reassured about the post-operative consequences, you can also consult a dentist on video.

At the dentist: price and reimbursement of consultations and dental care

The price of a consultation with the dentist can vary depending on the dental care you will need. For example, for a simple scaling, the conventional price is €28.92 while for the devitalization of a molar it will be €81.94.

Health Insurance covers 70% of the cost of dental care and you can also obtain reimbursement of the difference (the remaining 30%) from your complementary health insurance depending on the type of contract to which you have subscribed.

Good to know : the conditions for dental reimbursement by your complementary health insurance may vary depending on the care and any excess fees billed by the dentist.

Consult a dentist on video

Consider teleconsultation for your dentist appointments and receive an online prescription, if necessary.

What to do in case of a dental emergency?

A dental emergency can symbolize persistent bleeding, acute pain, or even a fractured or broken tooth. If you are looking for a dentist at night, at the weekend, or on a public holiday, you must call 15 or 112.

What does tooth whitening consist of?

During tooth whitening, the dentist uses a highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide solution that he applies to the teeth. This solution is then activated by a UV lamp which he puts in contact with the teeth for 30 to 90 minutes. The whitening result is immediate after the treatment. Laser techniques (more expensive) are also available.

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